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Are you tired of using outdated appliances in your home? Is your kitchen too small? Conrad Construction LLC is a home remodeling contractor that completes renovation projects in the Portland, OR area.

Whether you need to remodel your bathroom or every single room in your home, we have the tools and experience to do it.

If you just bought a commercial property and need to alter the space to fit your business's needs, we can help with that, too.

No matter how big your construction or remodeling project is, we can oversee it from beginning to end.

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Renovations and Additions

Transform every room in your home.


Customize your commercial space to meet your business needs.

Major Renovations

We'll oversee your major construction project.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Create a comfortable bathroom and a functional kitchen.

Why choose Conrad Construction?

Why choose Conrad Construction?

Conrad Construction is a home remodeling contractor that completes construction and renovation jobs in Portland, OR and surrounding areas. Some of the services we provide include:

Make Sure Your Construction Project Goes Smoothly

We specialize in construction project management